Tax & Consulting Services

  • Business Formation Assistance For Start-Ups (Articles Of Formation Filing With The State, & IRS Business Filings)
  • Income Tax Preparation For Individuals & Businesses (Federal & All States: Form 1040, Form 1065, Form 1120-S, Form 1120, Etc.)
  • Income Tax Preparation For Part-Year Residents & Non-Resident Returns (Form 1040-NR)
  • Preparation Of All Federal Schedules (Schedule A Itemized Deductions, Schedule B Interest & Ordinary Dividends, Schedule C Profit Or Loss From Business (Sole Proprietorship), Schedule SE Self Employment Tax, Schedule D Capital Gains & Losses, Schedule E Supplemental Income & Loss (From Rental Real Estate, Partnerships, Trusts, Etc.), Schedule F Profit Or Loss From Farming, Etc.)
  • Calculation Of All Credits & Deductions (Moving Expenses, Health Savings Account Deduction, IRA & Self-employed SEP, SIMPLE Deductions, Tuition & Fees Deduction, Child & Dependent Care Expenses Credit, Education Credits, Child Tax Credit, Residential Energy Credits, Etc.)
  • Interim CFO Services (Outsourced CFO, Controller, & Other Professionals To Grow Your Business)
  • Financial Audit Support (Outsourced Experienced Consulting Professionals To Prepare Audit Schedules & Fulfill All Audit Requests From Your External Auditor)
  • Inventory Services (Full-Service Merchandise Inventories, Focused Counts To Ensure Accuracy, etc.)
  • Franchise Taxes (Annual Filings, Reinstatements, Public Information Reports, etc.)

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Bookkeeping Services

  • Entering Vendor Bills

  • Preparing Checks For Your Signature Or Initiating Electronic Bill Payments

  • Tracking & Recording Payments Received

  • Entering Deposits

  • Creating Statements & Reports For Collections

  • Monthly Reconciliation Of All Bank Accounts

  • Identify Outstanding Checks & Ensure All Transactions Are Accurate & Clearing

  • Bill Paying

  • Payroll For Household Employees

  • Using Of Business Software (QuickBooks, Sage, Quicken, Etc.) To Track Your Income & Expenses

  • Reports Provided To Assist In Your Tax Return Preparations & Planning

  • Direct Deposit Payroll 

  • Identifying Your 1099 Vendors/Subcontractors

  • Complete Form 1099 Filings By January 31st

  • Budgets Created & Reports Prepared Comparing Budget vs. Actual Income & Expenses

  • Profit & Loss Report Preparation

  • Balance Sheet Preparation

  • Accounts Receivable Aging Reports

  • Accounts Payable Vendor Reports

  • Job Costing Reports

  • Budget vs. Actual Reports

  • Custom Reports To Assist You In Analyzing Your Business

  • Monthly, Quarterly & Annual Financial Reports Prepared For Your Board Meetings

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